Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Your child may have a basketball, soccer, little league, or music coach -- so have you considered connecting them with a "Talent Coach?" After all, not every child can be a great athlete or musician – but EVERY child can be great at using their God-given talents!

Coaching is a rapidly growing field where qualified individuals offer 1:1 encouragement to their clients in their area of expertise. I'm a certified Growth Coach specializing in Talent! Everyone should have this much fun! My sweet spot is working with young people who are just figuring out what they're good at. I offer Talent Discovery sessions to high school students (with parental observation encouraged). In addition, I teach a one-semester Personal and Professional Development Course that blends coaching with live, interactive online training.

NOTE: As a teacher, I teach proven concepts of personal and professional development. But as a coach, I share expertise in the students' assessment results without giving advice. I recognize that's YOUR job, not mine!

Do You Also Offer Coaching to Adults?

Yes, for my college and career clients I offer a Strengths Resume Package that includes personality, talent and career aptitude insights. The client also receives a professional resume.

NOTE ABOUT RATES: All clients within 1 year of college graduation (regardless of age) will receive the "College & Career" rate. Other clients will be charged the non-student rate listed below each detailed program description.

What are your Professional Qualifications?

I achieved my certification as a Growth Coach in 2020 through LifeForming Leadership Coaching via Christian Coaching School.

To the field of Growth Coaching, I also bring my professional background in Human Resources and as Operations Program Manager of an Associate Training Program for a medium-sized company. I was so blessed through these years to receive experience in recruiting and exposure to exceptional training program content and methods that I am now able to bring to your high school student.

After witnessing firsthand the life-changing effects of Personal and Professional Development Training for adult professionals, I am passionate to share this training with Christian young people before they even enter the workforce.

Can I Schedule a Call?

I am happy to discuss your needs or those of your high school student in a 20-minute exploratory call free of charge. Please see the "Contact" tab or click "Book Online" and select the option for an informational call!