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Equipping Christian young people

for a GodStrong Life Purpose.

"But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits." Daniel 11:32b

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What are your talents?

If you define "talent" the way most of us do, you might answer this question by describing the impressive things you know and the cool things you can do.

But - surprise! - these things are not your talents!

Your talents run deeper than your knowledge and skills. They start on the inside, where God designed you with specific ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

And since you are made in God's image, His fingerprints - His image - are all over you.

And a super cool thing about talent? Everybody's got it.

There's absolutely zero chance you're lacking in the talent department.

If you're interested in exploring your talents and how you can apply them, I'd love to help.

I believe God can use our time together to encourage and inspire you!

I've enjoyed working with all sorts of people in my HR and coaching career...

but I'm sure I've never met anyone quite like you.

Contact me today for a short chat. If you're under 18, I'll want to talk to your parent or guardian first. Once we've talked, I'll be able to recommend a coaching option tailored for you.

Talk to you soon!

Holly Dean

Certified Growth Coach

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Foggy Waters

Talent is hopeful.
It's a starting-place for exploring what God can do with your life.

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"I had no idea there was so much to learn about talents (and how limited my definition was) and how it could be taught both so professionally and biblically at the same time. I'm glad to know there is something out there like this."

Jennifer (Homeschool Mom)

"While I have always celebrated my son's talents, I would sometimes get frustrated with how he would choose to use them or how they would clash with mine. CliftonStrengths gave me a much clearer picture of how he processes the world, and that understanding has already been so helpful to my relationship with him. I am very grateful that I came across your class when I did. You have a gift for encouragement and moving people forward in a positive direction." 

Corinne (Homeschool Mom)

"My son is currently enrolled in GodStrong Personal and Professional Development for High School Seniors. I have enjoyed watching him blossom into a more confident student. He has had opportunities to learn more about himself to help guide him in the right direction for life. By writing essays and taking in-depth assessments, he has experienced life-changing personal growth. He has gained educational awareness and has narrowed down his college major choices. We are very blessed to have him enrolled and know that this class will be with him for life."

Beth (Homeschool Mom)

"My experience with taking the Clifton Strengths Aptitude test helped me to better understand my career options and set a course for my future goals."

Noel (Highschool Student)

"Strengths [Talent] Coaching has helped me understand how I can use my strengths in my everyday life and how they can make my weaknesses seem less troubling. Through this journey I have found ways of coping with obstacles and how to choose a career that suits me best. During my time in these sessions, I have also found a friend who was patient and willing enough to guide me through to get me to my goal. I had a great learning experience and hope others get to partake in this helpful program!"

Elda (College Student)

“Holly is full of love and light. She is a breath of fresh air in a world that desperately needs it. I was able to recognize things going on in my heart that I didn’t know existed before she became my life coach. She is someone you can talk to and never fear that you won’t be loved in the process.”

Ann (Career Client)

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A 6-Week Online Virtual Unit Study for Homeschool Support Groups and Church Youth Groups! Watch our website for more details to come, and email for more information!

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FREE Talent Webinar

Tuesday, July 26th @ 8:00 pm EST

Do you sometimes wonder how you and your teenager could possibly be related --

or even from the same planet? Perhaps your differences are creating a gap in your communication and ability to teach and encourage your child.

Studying talent with your teenager is a practical tool for exploring the way God has designed them to most naturally think, feel, and act. Not only will your student learn about himself -- YOU will learn to better understand your teenager!

Join our free, information-packed webinar to learn about Talent.

See the video below for more details!

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Questions You Might Have

What are your fees?

I charge $50 per individual session plus the cost of the assessment. My goal is to keep my services affordable while allowing myself the ability to spend as much time preparing for your session as I actually spend with you. My pre-work for each of my clients is intensive, and I want to preserve that focus in my coaching.

After our free introductory call, I'll make a personal recommendation for what we'll discuss, the tools we'll use, and the number of (online) sessions we'll need. Typically, we would schedule anywhere from 2 - 5 sessions, depending on the depth of the assessment you choose and the focus you would like to have (i.e. general self-understanding, career aptitude, resume creation, Core Values, God-honoring confidence, etc.)

Payment for your individual coaching package is due up front after you have reviewed and signed a coaching agreement.

What is your background?

My formal career experience is in Human Resources and Training Program Management. I am a certified coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching via Christian Coaching School. As a coach/teacher, I'm committed to providing Biblically sound encouragement to support my clients in living a life that honors God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Are parents welcome at your sessions?

YES! I ask that a parent of children under 18 be present in all 1:1 coaching sessions as a background observer.

Is there any outside work involved?

I will ask you to do some prep work before each session. But I'll be doing the same! And anyway, what could be more fun than learning more about yourself?

Do you offer group classes?

I love to teach and am able to offer flexible group training options focused on talents and God-honoring confidence.

Please ask for more information if you have a group need. 

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